Friday, July 8, 2011

What's Growing In My Garden...


By Amy Eizinger of A Latte' With Ott, A and  The Real Farmwives of America & Friends

After a bit of a rainy start our garden is really starting to take off. Lots of the plants are blooming or starting to put on fruit. So here's a little peak at what's growing in my garden.

1.) Potatoes, but not just any potatoes Blue Adirondack Potatoes that will be purple in color on both the inside and the outside. We are anticipating harvesting these soon.

2.) Butternut Squash. We did have some Spring Greens planted and after we were done with them we planted squash in its place to be ready this fall.

3.) Kohlrabi. Not many people know what Kohlrabi is but it a bulb like vegetable that kind of taste like a radish uncooked or broccoli after it's cooked.

4.) Tomatoes. I've got several blooming and several starting to put on fruit and I cannot wait for them to turn red so we can start to enjoy them.

5.) Zucchini. These guys have just started to bloom and take off.

6.) A Sunflower. I always plant sunflowers in my garden because they look so pretty, and this one is almost as tall am me.

7.) Green Beans. This year we tried pole bean which are growing up a fence.  I'm hoping this will make for some easier harvesting.

8.) Cilantro. We are trying herbs in our garden for the first time this year and this is going to taste great when I make fresh salsa.

9.) Eggplant. This is one of many blooms on our eggplants, and I love the purple color.

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ann said...

You have a lot of veggies. Enjoy your garden