Friday, July 29, 2011

State Fair Memories

By Amy from Two Maids A Milking

I am a State Fair junkie. There, I said it! I just love that place. I have so many memories from all stages of my life that I really think I could write a book! From the time I was born, my family would take day trips to the State Fair every summer. Through 4-H, I exhibited pigs for all 10 years. I was a 4-H intern and lived there one summer. I worked in the Swine Barn for 5 years with Lonnie and the Extension staff. And now I get to take my kids and just have fun at the fair!

Believe it or not, I have only missed one year that I know of. (I’m not sure about my first few years of life though!) Yeah- that’s right. I missed the State Fair of 2006 because our Wild One was only 8 weeks old and my Miss Bug (2 years at the time) was really sick and I mean sick. I was so devasted to miss but it just didn’t work out that year.

So, thinking of my fondest memories at the great Indiana State Fair, here’s what I came up with:

As a really young child - 1) Having lunch out of the back of our Mini Van in the infield - my grandma would slice a fresh tomato and we would throw it on a bologna sandwich for lunch!  2) Getting to pick something out in the Exposition Hall for $5 or under 3) Watching the World’s Largest Boar contest

As a 4-H member – 1) Making all kinds of friends in the livestock projects 2) Seeing George Strait for the first time from the 3rd row 3) Exhibiting my chocolate cake in the 4-H Foods project 4) Watching the Hot Air Balloon launch in the infield at 6:00 AM 5) Enjoying the Dairy Bar chocolate shakes 6) Serving as the Purebred Pork Queen in 1991 (yes, there is such a thing and yes – I’m really proud of it!!!)

And later in life – 1) Interning at the fair and riding in the parade every day 2) Meeting my hubby for the very first time – YES – now you see why that place is so special! We met in 1995 right there in the middle of the fair in the FFA Pavilion! I was volunteering with 4-H and he was serving as a State FFA officer.
It’s funny how that place has impacted my life! I have so many fond memories. It made me who I am – the friends I made, the career I chose and the hubby that I have!! I just love that I get to take my kiddos to the fair now and show them all of the things that I love about it. I look SO forward to their 4-H years and the memories that we will make as a family! So, here’s to the GREAT Indiana State Fair – a place where memories are definitely made!

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Nathan Miller said...

Wow...Very hip story and amazing memories. I also relate many memories back to the fair. I was not in 4H or FFA, but do have some memories, like you mentioned about eating out of the back of mom and pops trunk, but instead of Tomatoes our sandwiches were bologna and two pieces of Velveeta cheese, and then TOPPED with chips of any kind. IF you have never tried chip sandwiches I highly recommend it, and used the Lays Wavy chips ;) Also loved walking up to the worlds largest pig and just wondering what it would be like to get in there and sit on him. And lastly, and one that still holds true today is my obsession and passion for the famous Strawberry Milkshake from the Dairy Bar! AH yes, good times, great food, and even better friends and family at the fair!