Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Your Temperature IQ?

By Denise Derrer of BOAH

The Indiana StateBoard of Animal Health (BOAH) is the home agency to Indiana’s meat and poultry and dairy inspection programs.

Test your temperature IQ.
At what cooking temperature are the following foods safe to eat?
1.        Steaks
2.       Pork chops
3.       Hamburgers
4.       Chicken breasts

When you’re grilling out this summer, don’t forget the meat thermometer. And check the temperature of your meat to be sure it’s safe to eat. Color is not a good indicator.

Answers are:
1.       Steaks:  145°F
2.       Pork chops:  145°F
3.       Hamburgers:  165°F
4.       Chicken breasts:  165°F

More safe cooking tips for meat products are on the BOAH website, at

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