Friday, July 15, 2011

Picnicking on the Farm

Guest Post by Sarah of This Farm Family's Life

When the guys are in the fields planting, harvesting, spraying, fertilizing, etc. they like to have the meals delivered to the fields.  If they are close to home, they will come in the house and eat, but if they are far away I take it to them. 

At the beginning of the season I am a bit rusty, but by the end I have my groove back and have it down to a Science.
Everything is loaded in the car...
Plastic ware....check!
Beverage of choice (on this particular day it was sweet tea)...check!
Paper towel (always keep a roll in the Tahoe that way I don't have to worry about packing napkins)....check!
Clorox Wipes (I have learned this is a necessity)....check!
Main Dish (this day it was Hungry Jack Casserole and Cottage cheese)...check!
Ranch dressing (another necessity in this family)...check!
Two cutie pies...check!...

Our youngest daughter has been taking meals to the fields since she was about 2 weeks old!
Every. Single. Toy we own....check!

The grub all set up and ready to be devoured...

The guys break for a short time and then it's time to go again...

SPECIAL NOTE: Congrats to State Fair Ticket Winner that we randomly drew from Monday's post's comments:
Anonymous Holly said...
We LOVE the Indiana State Fair (even though we are Buckeyes). I know my kids will have fun looking for all the giant soybeans this year. Register us for the free ticket giveaway!
July 11, 2011 11:08 AM
We will be in touch soon!

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Nathan Miller said...

Everything us Indiana Kids remember about our summers all rolled into one day! Very hip!