Monday, February 6, 2012

National Hot Breakfast Month

By Michelle Plummer of Winners Drink Milk

February has been named National Hot Breakfast Month. The history of celebrating Breakfast in the month of February was actually created by the Jimmy Dean Foods division of the Sara Lee Corporation. Description: Dean Foods is known for producing heat-and-serve breakfast dishes (most notably with Jimmy Dean Brand Sausage) and found that over 60% of Americans eat cold cereal or another non-hot breakfast each day. This is why they started a month-long holiday to promote interest in hot breakfast options.

Today we always hear that breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, but why? First, breakfast starts your day off right and gives you needed energy to get your body going for the day. Second in regards to weight loss, having a complete diet also gives the body balance and weight control. Not only can it help improve the way your body functions, but it also helps with improving focus and performance at school and at work.

Jimmy Dean may have created National Hot Breakfast Month, but Moms have been serving up hot breakfasts for years, long before cold cereal!  A warm bowl of cream of wheat on a snowy day, or oatmeal served with a dollop of peanut butter and jelly, my personal favorite!  Warm breakfast can be made easily by making a few extra pancakes on the weekend and heating them in the toaster with a sausage link or cream cheese and berries nestled in the filling later in the week as the kiddos are going off to school.

 Hot breakfast is a great start to your day,  but  think of foods you enjoy that are not typically considered breakfast foods;  Burritos, pizza rolls, grits loaded with cheese all can be breakfast foods to satisfy the body and mind, breakfast does not have rules.  It is a great way to get your day started and keep you going.

Grilled Cheddar Cheese on English muffin is one of my favorite Hot Breakfasts ever!  The cheese melts into the little holes of the muffin and it is crispy on the outside and yummy on the inside!  Sometimes I will add just a touch of salsa, but really I like it better when I can dunk the cheese bites into the salsa! 

Tell us what you enjoy for Hot Breakfast Month and enter below to win a hot breakfast on us!  The benefits to this wonderful meal are enormous and can be a wonderful start to anyone's day. Make breakfast a part of your morning routine!

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Kathy said...

My favorite hot Breakfast is French Toast and Bacon! :-)

Kathy said...
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ShineyAim said...

Depending on who you ask...Hubby likes Oatmeal, kids love pancakes, sausage and eggs and I'm a eggs and bacon eater. :) I guess as a family we got all bases covered.

emiley gaskill said...

A breakfast isn't complete without yummy bacon!

Denise said...

Sausage Gravy with Biscuits!

Anonymous said...

I dice up apples, top it with indiana syrup and heat it for two minutes!

Tim Grieger said...

Breakfast is my specialty, our kids love my French toast and cheesy eggs, and bacon is a must, but it has to be good bacon not the cheap stuff, but would am I kidding there really isn't such a thing as bad bacon!!!

Barbara said...

Cream of Wheat is my comfort food for breakfast.

Sometimes I play around with Eggs Benedict, sometimes use ham or bacon or breakfast steak or even corned beef, but always use poached eggs, English muffin and Hollandaise sauce.

Anonymous said...