Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Tractor2Truck: The Don't Miss Indy Food Truck Event!

Indy Food Trucks and Indiana’s Family of Farmers Celebrate National Ag Day and Nutrition Month

By Jeannie Keating of Indiana State Department of Agriculture

Join Indiana’s Family of Farmers for a menu of delicious fun featuring six of Indy’s AMAZING Food Trucks coming out to support National Ag Day and Nutrition Month. Come hungry Thursday, March 8 when Food Trucks will be serving from 11 a.m. – 2p.m. at the Indiana Government Center South on Senate Avenue.

And you can chew on some interesting farm facts at each Food Truck with a local celebrity “Food Truck Partner” from noon – 12:30 to help encourage the crowd to learn more about the Indiana farm product assigned to their truck. 

Here’s some interesting fodder about dairy that you will find with Scout’s Treats …

Did you know:
Cows can smell something up to six miles away?!  

And, if you want to learn more, an FFA Officer will be available at each truck to help answer any farm questions.

But wait there’s more! 
Get Your Plate in Shape with some “udderly” delicious FREE Prairie Farms Milk in front of each truck to help promote Nutrition Month and apples and carrots from Piazza Produce. Psst….remember it’s not what you take away, but what you add to your nutrition that matters–everything in moderation!

And the IPad goes to…
A brief presentation to celebrate Indiana’s agriculture and farmers will take place from 11:30 to 11:45. At that time we will also recognize the “Our Food, Our Farmers Ag Essay Contest” winners.

We would like to thank these outstanding Indy Food Trucks for coming on site for this event, their support of Indiana agriculture and Nutrition Month. We look forward to the opportunity to support their local business.

Can’t "corn"trol the need for more "ag"citing farm info?
Here’s a preview – look for more March 8!

Scratch Truck @scratchtruck
Farm Product – Beef
Celebrity Partner - Chikage Windler of WTHR 
Did you know?:
Cattle help produce more than 100 different medicines
Everyday 76 million Americans eat beef

Scout’s Treats @scoutstreats
Farm Product – Dairy
Celebrity Partner - TBA
Did you know?:
The average cow drinks 30-50 gallons of water a day...  That's enough to fill a bathtub!
The average Indiana dairy herd has 84 cows

Tacos Without Borders @tacoswoborders
Farm Product - Poultry
Celebrity Partner - TBA
Did you know?:
There are more chickens living on earth than people.
Chickens can run at a speed of 9 mph.

New York Slice @TheNYslice
Farm Product - Pork
Celebrity Partner -Deb Honeycutt of WFMS
Did you know?:
Pork is 16% leaner than it was 15 years ago!
"Loin" is the leanest cut of pork!

West Coast Tacos @westcoasttacos
Farm Product - Corn
Celebrity Partner – TBA
Did you know?:
One bushel of corn is about the size of a laundry basket.
An ear of corn averages 800 kernels in 16 rows.

Some of this! Some of that! @SOTSOT1
Farm Product - Soybeans
Celebrity Partner – TBA
Did you know?:
The vegetable oil in your pantry is most likely soybean oil
Candles and crayons made from soybeans were invented by Purdue students’ right here in Indiana.

See you March 8!


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