Monday, February 13, 2012

Tomorrow's Great Leaders

By Casie C. Conley of Indiana FFA

What does “youth leadership” mean to you?  For us, as proud Indiana FFA members, it is what our organization thrives on.  

Leadership from our youth is not only important for the FFA, but also for the future of our country.  As we look forward we want to make sure we are developing strong and influential people.  In the FFA, we strive on doing just that. Our motto is “learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve”, the last line really says it all… youth leaders should live their lives to serve.  

Since it is youth leadership month there is no better time to celebrate the leaders of tomorrow, our youth. Organizations like 4-H, FFA, and Junior Leaders do an excellent job in promoting and molding the leadership that will come from this generation.  Today’s youth know that they have a responsibility to step and take action; they know that the future is in their hands.  Take time to encourage the young ladies and gentlemen in your life that are becoming great leaders. 

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