Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer on the Farm

By Lauren Ransom of Four Ransoms & Real Farmwives of America & Friends

Summer fun on the farm...oh boy, where do I begin?!  Our Spring and Summer is spent mostly outside.  The television is rarely turned on and supper isn’t ready until sundown (for us adults, at least).  It’s a time of year we thoroughly look forward to...and try to enjoy to its fullest before we hibernate after harvest...And it is not entirely consumed by tractor rides or late nights in the field...those days have passed until Fall. 

Aside from the regular kid friendly and fun farm duties...there is an endless amount of fun a kid can have.  With 18.5 acres to explore at our main base, life never gets boring for our 3 year old and 18 month old!  And in the midst of all the fun they are having...we are always teaching them how to respect our animals and how to be safe around dad and grandpas equipment...

Our kids need to know that a combine or tractor is not a jungle gym...though it seems like it sometimes.  Many life lessons are being taught through the Summer months without them evening knowing it...especially with our son!  The whole respecting of the farm starts at a very young age...and we can already see the passion in our sons eyes...It just amazes us.  

 And all we can hope for with this lifestyle is that we are instilling amazing memories for our children on our family farm.  Between picnics in the backyard while watching our cattle, running around on the dirt pad where our new barn will go, catching lightening bugs in the unused pasture, to late night rides on grandpas restored old tractors...their life is truly unique and something we hope they cherish forever. 

Our farm can be a child’s dream world where their imagination can run wild...without restriction (most of the time)!  And you know what the best part is?...Children that sleep until 8:30 the next likes that one a lot! 


This Farm Family's Life said...

Your farm life sounds a lot like ours. Great post!

Kelly Short said...

Enjoyed reading the post! Sounds great!

Lana said...

Your post made me smile! Hannah and Kendal just discovered that the lightening bugs were out! (we might have neglected to tell them when WE first saw them) Now they are out chasing them every chance they get .