Monday, June 6, 2011

Guy Fieri Loves Pork – and We Love Guy Fieri!

Guest Post By Indiana Pork's Sarah Ford

Many of you are familiar with the spikey-haired guy from the Food Channel – his name is Guy Fieri and he is a HUGE pork fan so naturally we love him. 

In fact, he is currently on a road tour right now traveling the country talking about all things food – he just recently made an appearance in Hammond, IN.

So in honor of Guy, we are offering a FREE copy of his brand new book Fieri Food: Cookin' It, Livin' It, Lovin' It to a lucky fan.  Just comment with your favorite pork recipe (including what makes it so yummy) and we’ll choose a winner.

And remember, the USDA just lowered the safe cooking temperature for pork to 145 degrees.  No more hockey puck pork – leave a little pink in the middle and your taste buds will thank you!


Heather @ 3 kids and lots of pigs said...

It is impossible to pick just one recipe as we love pork; however, I must say one of our most favorite appetizers is the bacon wrapped little smokies with brown sugar. You bake them for about 10-15 minutes and it is absolutely delish, but bacon makes everything better.

Anonymous said...

My favorite pork recipe is a sandwich that is made of bread dough with a filling of sausage, cheese and spices.

Karla Schroeder

RaeAnn said...

We love grilled bacon wrapped aparagus here! What makes it is that my picky 6 year old will eat it and the bacon gets the aparagus just that little something more!

Chelsea Stover said...

My favorite is a Cuban Pork Sandwich! It's made with marinated grilled pork steak (thin) and smokey, sweet ham slices. Add some sauteed red onion, cheese and a crisp pickle and it's PERFECT on a hot summer day. Total LOVE for my family! :)

Chelsea Stover
Leesburg, IN

Jamie May said...

Nothing beats a grilled pork chop with some cream of mushroom on top! Easy & delicious! Has always been my all-time favorite meal.

Jamie May

Nathan Miller said...

Super Easy, SUPER healthy
Crock Pot Pork Loin:
* 1 (2 pound) pork tenderloin
* 1 (1 ounce) envelope dry onion soup mix
* 1 cup water

Place pork tenderloin in a slow cooker with the contents of the soup packet. Pour in water, mix up soup in water, and place on low for 8 hours.

Serve with Steamed Veggies

carpediem5790 said...

OOOO i'd love to have his cookbook. Favorite pork recipe is for marinated pork steaks, cooked on the grill. The flavors of teryaki and worchestershire sauce make the pork taste like t-bone steaks. First time my hubby made them, i did't believe that it wasn't steak!! mmmmMMMMmmm Marie

glenise.ewalt said...

ah, the little smokies wrapped in bacon with brown sugar are called, Pigs in Leather Jackets ;) Ive several pork receipes we love but Ill have to say, the easiest recipe with the biggest taste comes from my brother-in-law. He marinates pork loin in A-1 sauce and then grills it. Deeeee-lish!!! dish

tiptonmom said...

Our Fav is to boil the brats in beer and then grill them to there are nice and grilled on the outside. Add a good bun and relish and you are set!