Friday, February 18, 2011

Freezer Cooking

A while back the Real Farmwives and I got together and has a day long freezer cooking day.

Have you ever tried freezer cooking before? It is super simple and such a time saver. Many people call it Once A Month Cooking (OAMC), Freezer Cooking or Bulk Cooking. The basic idea is that you take a day or two each month to cook up a month’s worth of meals and freeze them for quick meals and--my favorite part-- you then have easy-peasy clean-up all month long!

When I am not cooking with the girls, I sit down with my favorite cookbooks and pick out 6-10 recipes that I can cook up in bulk and freeze. My recipes range from casseroles like Chicken, Ham and Cheese Casserole, to soups like Alabama Turkey Noodle Soup, to marinades like Aunt Mary’s Marynade and cooking time savers that I like to have on hand like my Seasoned Ground Beef.

Once I have my game plan, I make a grocery list by ingredient and  head to the grocery store to buy my supplies – By buying in bulk I not only save time, but I save a lot of money too!

I prefer doing all my cooking on one day, but sometimes this mama’s schedule doesn’t allow that, so  I  do what I can.  Once the cooking is done and the freezer is full, I do up the dishes and here is the best part… They stay clean all month long! I just have to pop the dish from that night and the plates in the dish washer and the kitchen is clean!

If you can’t tell, I just heart freezer cooking. I bet you might like it too if you give it a try!

Check out these great tips to get started.

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