Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yes We Can

By Sarah Correll

February is National Canned Food Month! From home-canned foods fresh from the garden to meats and soups from the store, there’s a canned food for everyone.

Canned foods are cooked in their cans, making them quick to prepare and longer lasting. Just be sure that any cans of food you buy don’t have dents - they can cause tiny holes that let air in!

Indiana produces a lot of canned foods. We rank second in tomatoes for processing, and many of those tomatoes are canned by Red Gold in Elwood.

Indiana is also home to Sechler’s, a company that makes and sells 54 varieties of pickles, relishes, and salsas.

If you’re interesting in canning your own foods, check out this post from Amy Ott at the Real Farmwives of America blog!

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