Monday, February 17, 2014

If You Ate Today, Thank A Farmer!

By Abbey Hewitt, BSU Dietetic Intern at Indiana Dairy

The American Dairy Association Indiana, INC. (ADAI) knows the importance of dairy production and the people behind this industry. While we especially take time to thank our dairy farmers in the month of June, ADAI thinks it’s especially important to show kindness to ALL farmers year round. Here are ten easy steps you can take to show Indiana farmers how much you value their hard work and dedication!

 Ten Ways to Show Kindness to a Farmer:

  1. Eat locally! Show your support for local farmers by purchasing food at grocery stores and farmers markets near you. Check out your nearest farmer’s market to see how the concept of “farm to fork” really comes into play!
  2. Take the time to write a positive comment on our or another Ag-related website or blog! Tell farmers how much you appreciate all their hard work and dedication to producing the best products possible!
  3. Send a note of appreciation! Nothing means more to farmers than someone taking the time to appreciate their efforts. A thank you goes a long way!
  4. Offer to clean a farmer’s home! Many farmers and their families lead such busy lives and this is one way you can help them out!
  5. Pick up trash/litter rather than throw it out into the fields. This small gesture helps not only keep the land clean, but saves work for farmers and shows a respect for their property!
  6. Pay for a farmer’s family dinner! Just like any other American family, farmers like to unwind and go out to eat!  Offering to pay for a meal is a great way to say thank you!
  7. Plan a “stay-cation”! Many farmers may feel exhausted after a long days’ work. Bring over games, movies, and pizza for their families so they have the opportunity to have a mini vacation and family fun in the comfort of their own home!
  8. During June Dairy Month, volunteer your time to assist dairy farmers if they have an event or special open house to showcase what their farm is doing!
  9. Offer your time to babysit for a farmer’s family if they have young children. After a stress-filled week of hard work, a night off the farm may be just what your neighboring farmer needs!
  10. Bring a treat in the brutal weather! Whether it’s coffee on a cold day or a creamy ice cream treat on a hot summer afternoon, show how much you love farmers with these goodies and a smile!

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