Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A “Fresh” Crop for Chocolate Mint Day

By Sarah Correll

While we don’t grow cocoa, Indiana ranks fourth in the production of peppermint and third in the production of spearmint, which is certainly reason enough to celebrate Chocolate Mint Day!

Most Indiana mint farms are in the northern part of the state. You can meet Larry, a mint farmer from northwestern Indiana, here! The oil from the mint plants farmers like Larry grow is used to flavor toothpaste, candy, and gum.  Here is some inspiration on how to “freshen up” your menu with mint!

Amy’s cupcakes combine chocolate, mint, and bourbon.

Liz shares a dressed-up cake mix recipe, best served with a sprig of mint.

Peppermint extract and chocolate kisses give Amy’s cookies a perfect balance of chocolate and mint.

And, who could forget, classic mint chocolate chip ice cream made right here in Indiana!

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