Monday, August 6, 2012

State Fairgoers: Feed The Hungry and Your Family

Indiana’s Family of Farmers Recipe Trail offers daily giveaways and a chance to give back. 
If you follow the Indiana’s Family of Farmers (IFOF) Recipe Trail at the State Fair this year you will help feed the hungry and win a prize.

For each person who collects all nine recipe cards along the trail, IFOF will work with Feeding Indiana’s Hungry (FIsH) to donate one pound of food to food banks across Indiana. A total of 2,000 pounds of food was donated last year. This year’s goal is 3,000 pounds.
“The members of Indiana’s Family of Farmers are invaluable partners in the mission of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry and its 11 regional food banks to feed those in need,” said Emily Weikert Bryant, Executive Director of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry.  “At a time when one is six Hoosiers is at risk of hunger, and the number of Indiana children is as high as one in four, the assistance of the agricultural community is crucial in getting food from the farm to the tables of those in our community most in need of assistance.”
To help, participants just need to collect recipe cards from 8 locations around the Fairgrounds and bring them to the Family of Farmers booth at the DuPont Food Pavilion. There, they will collect their 9th card and win a special prize for completing the trail and have a chance to register for the daily dairy giveaway and the grand prize of a Frigidaire® chest freezer.
Recipe card locations
  • Pathways to Water Quality
  • Indiana Farm Bureau Building
  • Soybean Statue Garden in BeanGoLand
  • Habitat Ag Home
  • Normandy Barn
  • DuPont Food Pavilion (3 locations; Indiana Wine and Grape Council, Indiana Dairy booth, Purdue)
  • Final Stop: Indiana Family of Farmers Booth at the DuPont Food Pavilion
(Maps available on the IFoF website and on the Fairgrounds)

  • Start at any location and travel to the nine destinations to collect recipe cards.
  • Redeem your recipes and sign up for prizes at the IFOF booth in the DuPont Food Pavilion.
  • Winners of the daily giveaway are selected by a random drawing at the close of each day of the Fair.
  • One winner of the Frigidaire® chest freezer will be selected by a random drawing on the last day of the fair.
  • Winners will be notified by email or phone.
The IFOF’s recipe cards will feature recipes from real Hoosier farmers and highlight Indiana food products such as pork, beef, poultry, soybeans, corn, lamb, fish and dairy.  Each recipe includes an Indiana wine pairing. On the flip side of the cards, State Fairgoers will meet the farmer and read a personal food story from his or her family.
More information about the 2012 Recipe Trail is on the IFOF’s website. Indiana farmers grow the grains, produce and meat you eat every day. We believe that quality farming means quality food that is good for you, your family and the environment. Food for your family, from our family.

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