Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Learning and Improving Everyday

The Eliason Farm has been in the same family since March 17, 1814. Doug Eliason is a 5th generation farmer and caretaker of the farm today.
Doug and Jeanie Eliason of Centerville Indiana proudly work on the farm today. The farm, historically a dairy, is now a growing seed business that produces seed soybean, wheat, oats and corn for market.


The farm’s history is rich. Joshua and Christiann Eliason traveled from Delaware to settle on new land. Joshua’s legacy lives on today, with a road named in his honor in Wayne County. He had to widen himself a trail to get his family and livestock through to their new life in Indiana.
Doug has always helped on the farm, but as he got older he did more and more work on the farm. As with any job, with advancement comes more responsibility. “I have seen myself grow up from the kid that the older siblings teased and made fun of, become the caretaker for my elderly parents and eventually take over the farm,” said Doug.
Doug runs the farm in the most efficient way possible. They use no till practices to conserve the soil and save on fuel and equipment. Also, Doug does most of his own repairs. Doing his own repairs is more than efficient for Doug, it provides a sense of accomplishment.
The Eliason family is looking to the future everyday by planning and record keeping daily. “It’s not only my back that gets a workout, my mind works hard too.” Keeping good records helps Doug stay organized, but also is important for the future generations that will take over the farm.
For the future, Doug’s motto is to “always keep learning and improving.”

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