Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Firsthand Look at Indiana Agriculture

By Sarah Correll

Want to know more about what’s happening on Indiana farms? Looking for a great new recipe? Indiana has a wonderful group of food and farm bloggers that would love to fill you in!

Jent Campbell writes about her family’s life on their 6th generation crop farm.

Curious about cattle? Life lessons and happenings from a beef farm are shared by Lana Wallpe here!

Professionally, she promotes Indiana wines and wineries. Personally, she’s a farmwife, farmer’s daughter, and farm mom. Jeanette’s blog is full of information about pigs, wine, and family fun.

Delphi wheat, soybean, and popcorn farmer Brian Scott shares the weekly happenings of his farm in photos.

Read about Heather Hill’s family pork farm here!

The Indiana FFA State Officers, a team of seven recent high school graduates, share their adventures traveling the state learning and teaching about Indiana agriculture.

Meggie is an agriculture professional, farmwife, mom, and great cook. Keep up with her life here!

The American Dairy Association of Indiana blogs about dairy recipes and news.

Chelsea Nord keeps us up-to-date on her life as a young professional in agriculture.

Sisters-in-law Amy and Liz Kelsay live on a family dairy farm just outside of Indianapolis. Read their blog to find out about their families, farms, and food.

MaryBeth balances a new baby and her job as a veterinarian all while keeping us informed of what’s happening on her family’s beef farm.

Abigail Maurer loves people, food, and words. She combines the three as she shares about Indiana agriculture on this great blog!

Gardening, cooking, and working in Indiana agriculture keep Amy Ott very busy. She shares her tips and tricks in her blog posts.

Are we missing anyone? Share your favorite Indiana agriculture bloggers in the comments below!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dairy Healthy Diet

By Sarah Correll

We all know that dairy products are a part of a healthy, balanced diet. What makes them so great?


Dairy products provide protein to help build and repair muscle. Chocolate milk provides the perfect combination of carbs and protein for athletes.

Vitamin D

The vitamin D in milk helps us absorb calcium and strengthen bones. Vitamin D is included in all types of milk, not just whole.


Potassium helps us maintain normal blood pressure. Consuming dairy products is associated with a lower risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Milk and milk products come in a variety of fat options. Whole milk is 3.25% fat (96.75% fat free), 2% milk is 2% fat (98% fat free), 1% milk is 1% fat (99% fat free), and skim milk is 100% fat free.


Phosphorus helps our bodies generate energy.

Vitamin A

Dairy products are a good source of vitamin A, the vitamin that helps maintain normal vision and skin.


Important for strong bones and teeth, calcium is a major nutrient found in dairy.

Be sure to include three or more dairy products (such as these Cheesy Chicken Chalupas from Two Maids a Milking) in your diet every day, and learn more about dairy nutrition and the farmers who care for the cows here!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spilling the Beans about Bean Day

By Sarah Correll
Beans are celebrated with their own holiday each year on January 6th. What’s so great about beans?

They’re nutritious.


Dry beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, and pinto beans, among others) are a relatively low-calorie and low-fat source of protein, with less than 165 Calories and more than 7.7 grams of protein per 100 grams. They also provide calcium, fiber, iron, and folic acid. See the full nutritional value of beans here.

They’re important tools in the fight against hunger.


Beans are inexpensive and packed with nutrients. Combine that with their long shelf life, and we have a great tool to fight hunger at home and abroad.

They’re versatile.

They can be cooked in everything from cookies to chili to bok choy.

They’re delicious.


What is your favorite bean recipe? Find a list here!

Now no one can say that you don’t know beans.