Friday, July 24, 2015

I am Indiana Agriculture: Joe Tuholski

By Sarah Mahan of This Farm Family's Life

The Glass Barn is one of the many attractions at the Indiana State Fair.  It opened in 2013 and gives visitors a “vivid experience of what life is like for farmers and their families.”  Visitors can chat with a real farmer throughout the day, test their farming knowledge by playing a game of Beango, and experience the interactive games and exhibits.

Joe Tuholski is one of the farmers visitors will have the chance to chat with and “visit” his farm.  Joe is a third-generation farmer from Mill Creek, Indiana.  He has been married to his wife Cheryl for 17 years and they have two sons, ages 11 and 9.  Joe’s grandfather purchased the original farm in the 50s from Peter Scholl (Dr. Scholl).  “The farm has grown considerably over the past 60 years.  We grow soybeans, seed corn, popcorn, field corn, wheat and alfalfa.  We also raise a few steers.”

On the Tuholskis’ Northwest Indiana farm, they have six family members working full-time.  “There are three second-generation on the farm that include my dad and his two brothers and three third-generation that include myself and two cousins.  We also have some part-time help during the fall harvest, when it gets busy.”

Joe says “The goal of The Glass Barn at the State Fair is to educate the public.  Young or old, we want the people of Indiana to know about local farmers and why we do what we do.  As a featured farmer of The Glass Barn, I get to tell the story of my family’s farm and what we are doing to keep our operation sustainable.  The thing I enjoy most about The Glass Barn is knowing everyone leaves there with a better understanding of the agriculture here in Indiana.”

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