Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Farmer Selfies!

By Lauren Taylor of Indiana Soybean Alliance

Although Indiana Farmers don’t recommend taking selfies behind the wheel of the tractor, they do encourage them at the Indiana State Fair. But, you have to find a farmer first! 

In celebration of Year of the Farmer at the Indiana State Fair, Indiana Family of Farmers challenges you to find a farmer around the Indiana State Fairgrounds and take a picture with them using the official hashtag #FarmerSelfie.

You can take a picture with a poster of a farmer, a sign with a farmer on it, or even with 1 of 17 featured farmers. Then post your picture on all of your social media handles! 

Want to know the best part? For every #FarmerSelfie posted, Indiana Family of Farmers will make a donation to Indiana’s hungry! Also, at the end of each day of the fair, Indiana Family of Farmers will be a drawing for a winner that will get a $50 giftcard to Kroger! 

So be sure to find a farmer take a #FarmerSelfie and post it online! Having fun and feeding the hungry! What’s better than that? 

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