Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 Tips for Buying Meat without “Butchering” Your Grocery Budget

By Sarah Correll

Meat is often the most expensive item in our grocery carts. We need the protein, but how can we buy the meat we need without breaking the bank?

  1. Look for sales. You may even be able to ask your butcher when the sales regularly take place.
  2. If you find a great deal, buy a lot and make some freezer meals. Find some great freezer meal recipes here!
  3. Especially if you have a large freezer, considering buying meat in bulk. Many farmers and even local 4-H and FFA members sell quarters and halves of pigs and steers.
  4. Buy lean cuts. After the fat cooks away from what may be a less expensive pack of meat, you’ll be left with less than if you started with a lean cut.
  5. Use a crockpot to make any cut, no matter what the price, taste great! Find a collection of wonderful crockpot recipes here.

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