Monday, November 25, 2013

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

By Sarah Correll

In many homes, Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas season. Luckily for us, Indiana tree farmers have been putting in extra hours to prepare for the most wonderful time of year!

A fresh tree has a lot of benefits. Here are a few reasons to consider a real Indiana Christmas tree.


1.      The smell. A real tree gives a smell far more real than any pine scented candles.

2.      The appearance. No two are the same and all are beautiful.

3.      The diversity. From Scotch pine to blue spruce, real trees give families tons of options.

4.      The connection to community. Chances are there is a tree farm not far from your backyard.


5.      The memories. Whether you are choosing from trees in the lot with your family and some hot cocoa or cutting your own from a tree farmer’s field, tradition and fond memories are sure to be built.


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