Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We Dare(y) You To Check This Out

By Sarah Correll

Ever wondered where your milk comes from? Do you know how cows are raised? Who cares for dairy cattle, and what are their farms like? Which dairy recipes are the farmers’ favorites? The American Dairy Association of Indiana has featured a dairy a day for the entire month of June. Check out some highlights below or click here to see all 30!

Greensburg, Indiana

Talk about a legacy, the Crosby family has been milking cows for nearly 100 years! The also raise their own feed and run a veterinary business. Busy folks!

Syracuse, Indiana

The Hibschman family has a great ice cream recipe and quality cattle! Their pedigreed cattle have won top prizes, and the family is dedicated to their cows!

Fountain City, Indiana

The 2013 Indianapolis 500 Milkman calls this farm his home. Duane is committed to helping youth- his children showed cattle, and now he judges shows that help young people develop responsibility and a passion for agriculture!

Goshen, Indiana

It began with a couple of newlyweds, four cows, and a dream. This farm now has 90 cows and offers fall tours to show everyone what the reality their dream has become!

Cedar Lake, Indiana
A cow of a different color, this family milks Holsteins (the black and white cows) and Brown Swiss. They also raise corn, soybeans, wheat, hay, and pumpkins!

West Lafayette, Indiana

Agriculture involves a lot of research, and dairy is no exception! The Purdue Dairy Farm is home to about 460 cattle and research about milk production, nutrition, and more. Take a virtual tour here!

While June Dairy Month is wrapping up, your interest in where your milk comes from doesn’t have to! Check out the cows at your county fair, keep up with the Kelsays at, and stay in touch with the American Dairy Association of Indiana blog.

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