Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Have You "Herd"?

By Sarah Correll

It’s June Dairy Month!  The American Dairy Association of Indiana is featuring a different dairy each day this month.  

Here’s a recap of the first five!

Morgantown, Indiana

This farm was formed when Henry and Frances moved to the area to help start a church.  62 years later, the farm is still in the family with their sons in the lead.  They care for and milk about 600 cows in Brown County.

Fort Branch, Indiana

This sixth generation Gibson County farm has had dairy cows since 1956.  Six members of the Obert family work alongside their nine employees to milk 700 cows and produce 1000 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay.  The family is involved in 4-H and showing cattle and offer free tours of their farm.

Hanna, Indiana

The Troxel Dairy Farm began in 1950 with Phil and Mary Troxel.  Phil had a stroke while his son, Tom, was still in high school.  Tom changed his class schedule to ensure that he would be able to care for the cows.  The family’s third generation is now working on the farm, and the family milks 140 cows.

Middlebury, Indiana

The Yoder family has been milking cows in Middlebury, Indiana for almost 40 years.  Mike and Rhonda, along with several employees, milk over 400 cows and raise about 500 young cattle each year.  They also host field trips and educational programs with local schools.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

This farm was established by the family in the 1890s and is now being operated by the fifth and sixth generation of Kuehnert dairy farmers.  They milk 200 registered Holsteins and show their cattle at the local, state, and national level.

After a recent trip to Jamaica, a nation with very little dairy production, I’m especially thankful for all of our dairy farmers!  Check out this site to see all of the featured Indiana dairies and to find a farm near you!

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