Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Recipes

By Michelle of Winners Drink Milk

Memorial Day- I asked myself what is this day all about?  I have been to the Indianapolis 500 race on many occasions, and of course seeing the Race Winner gulp down milk in Victory Lane is great, and  I have definitely eaten my share of burnt hotdogs and grilled burgers over the 3-day weekend, but why all the fuss?


Did you know?
  • Memorial day was first celebrated on May 30, 1868 after the civil war.
  • On Memorial Day, the flag should be at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff.
  • Red Poppies are recognized as the Memorial Day flower.
  • Memorial Day was first called “Decoration Day” because of the practice of decorating soldier’s graves with flowers.
  • New York was the 1st state to officially recognize Memorial Day.
Last year’s race day was a bit different for me... I was truly moved by the tribute paid to the Armed Forces and their dedication to our Country and Freedom. We had one troop contact us to say how much they really missed the taste of cold milk in the field. So, in honor of our uniformed heroes let’s throw one heck of a BBQ with all the trimmings! 

Here are some of my favorite Memorial Day recipes, it is up to you to add the rest. Baked Beans with Smoke and Zest!- add thick sliced bacon, a few dashes of tabasco sauce and a dash of liquid smoke to your favorite baked beans…these additions will become your new favorites!

Take the time to make homemade macaroni and cheese!  Everyone has a special twist, but for a crowd this one is great and can be made ahead. It can even be frozen and baked the day of!  Add a touch of your own by adding a variety of cheeses such as smoked gouda, pepp-a-dew cheese (for a sweet zing).

It really would not be May in Indianapolis without Strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream!  This is one of my family favorites.  Make a strawberry poke cake- the cake from the 70’s that you got to poke holes in. Mom would make it in two round pans, and when she was ready to ‘frost’ in the center she added strawberry ice cream and set it in the freezer.  When it was time to “frost” the whole cake she used fresh whipped cream and a fresh strawberry on each slice.  It was beautiful as a kid and now that I am older, it is so easy. It is a perfect go to dessert!

What special dishes will you be having this Memorial Day?

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