Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A May Thanksgiving

By Sarah Correll

Almost everyone who enjoyed school had at least one class, and one teacher, that they really enjoyed.  For countless students in Indiana and across the country, these teachers are their agriculture teachers and FFA advisers. You can’t have one without the other, as FFA is a part of the agricultural education model.  Add in the supervised agricultural experience and the classroom and laboratory learning components of their jobs (more about that here), and agriculture teachers have a pretty full plate.  May 7th was National Teachers Day.  The theme this year was Thank a Teacher, and we would like to do just that.  Here is what a few agriculture students in Indiana had to say.

 “My FFA advisors are different from my other teachers because they are not only my teachers, but they are also my friends. It makes it easier as a student to work with advisors who are easy to get along with and are passionate about their job and the organization.” – Allie

“My FFA advisors are different from my other teachers because they genuinely care about all of my endeavors. They are willing to help with anything, in or out of the classroom.” – Leah

 “My FFA advisors are great because they care about me as a person not just a student. Even though I have graduated, they still text and call me to check in and make sure I am doing good! I appreciate their continuous, active involvement in my life!”- Cameron

“My FFA advisors are great because of their dedication to not only the organization, but also to their students. They have a passion for seeing us excel in every aspect of our lives. They have truly supported me in everything that I do and have inspired me to reach my goals.” – Mallarie

 It is not uncommon for my agriculture instructor to be at the school before 7 in the morning and to still be there at that same hour in the evening practicing with students.   His passion for success, growth, and, most of all, the growth of all students is something that is truly admired throughout the community and the state.  He is a true example of positive relationship building, hard work, compassion, and integrity.  When asked by current agricultural education students what made all of the long hours and Saturday work days worth it, he replied, “I have a file at home. It is full of letters from former students.  That’s what makes it worth it.” 

Allie, Leah, Cameron, Mallarie, I, and thousands of others like us certainly appreciate our agriculture teachers.  Who made a difference in your education?  Have you told them thank you?

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