Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet A Farmer: Dairy Farmer Sam Schwoeppe

By Kim Devaney

Sam Schwoeppe
Dairy Farmer in Huntingburg, Indiana

Q: Why did you get into the dairy business?
A: I was raised on a dairy farm in Folsomville, Indiana, so you could say I was born into the dairy industry. Now I farm with my husband Darren and our sons Wyatt and Ethan in Huntingburg.

Q: How does your family ensure your cows stay comfortable?
A: For our cows, every day is like a day at the beach. Cows lay on sand in our freestall barn while the fans increase ventilation to keep them cool on those hot summer days. As dairy farmers, we depend on our cows for our livelihood, so their health and comfort is our top priority.

Q: If you weren’t a dairy farmer, what would you do?
A: If I didn’t farm, I would love to work in communications.

Q: How many generations are currently working on your farm?
A: We have three generations currently working on our dairy. Darren’s mother helps with the milking and our two sons enjoy helping with the cows and the crop work. The boys do a little of everything.

Q: What do you love most about dairy farming?
A: I love that our family can all work together on the farm. It also allows us to spend lots of time with the kids.

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Sam's son Wyatt poses for a quick photo with a newborn calf on our farm 

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