Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Have you any wool?

Today, Hoosier sheep farmer Holly Brady of Crawfordsville, Ind. shares some photos of her sheep with us.

Holly’s granddaughter Lyla and purebred Coopworth ewe Lucy share an apple.

These Dorset sheep enjoy a bale of hay. Sheep are ruminants, so they have four stomach chambers.

This curious Dorset Coopworth crossbred sheep handles the snow just fine.

Twins are common among sheep. These little lambs are this mama’s first babies.

The finished product. These two 4-oz skeins of wool from Indiana sheep that we happen to be giving away this week. Have you entered to win?


ann said...

That Mama sheep was keeping an eye on you.

Leontien said...

great looking pictures and lovely wool! Last year i bought her some alpaca socks and she loves them even more then sheep wool, she says they are warmer... Haven't had the pleasure to wear some but, i'm planning on it if this winter weather stays put....