Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Table Talk: Healthy Snacks On the Go

It seems as though the busy season is upon us... Between practices, games and fall family fun, a lot of families are constantly on the go. So, this past month, we asked our Table Talk Contributors to share a bit about the healthy snacks they prepare their families on-the-go.

Crystal over on Mom For Less reminds us that even healthy snacks can turn unhealthy quick if they aren't handled and stored properly. She shares resources for keeping food safe and goes on to give readers a great list of snack ideas for busy families.

Heather over on Miscellaneous Mom has three very active girls that keeps her calendar full and her need for quick and easy snacks constant. Check out her tips for planning ahead to keep her girls full of energy for their full schedules!

You might recall a while back that DeDe from Winners Drink Milk shared her tips for after school snacks. Here is a taste of what she shared:
Try to avoid non-nutritious goodies as in chips, sweets and sweetened beverages and stock up with healthy, fun foods from the FIVE food groups.  Here are some easy suggestions: DAIRY: go for lower-fat dairy treats, as in: 
  • String cheese or small chunks of cheese
  • Top a small bowl of cottage cheese with applesauce or salsa.
  • Mix some herbs into fat-free plain yogurt and serve with carrot and celery sticks, or small broccoli or cauliflower bunches.
  • Have flavored yogurt on hand for them to gobble up.
  • Make smoothies with milk, yogurt and fruit.
What are your favorite snacks for the kiddos?

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