Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treating in the Country

Growing up on a farm, our Halloween trick-or-treating wasn't quite like that of my friends in town. 

First, my mom didn't mess around when it came to costumes. 

Back when my older sister and I were around 4 or 5 years old, she had someone make three costumes: a princess, a clown and a witch. 

Then for the next 10-plus years, my three sisters and I rotated wearing these costumes each Halloween

As you can see the clown was our favorite!

(Me and my older sister 1981)

(My older sister and younger sister 1982)

(My younger sister and me 1987)

When we outgrew those costumes, there was always a pair of my dad's coveralls and a seed cap to transform us into a "Farmer!"

Second, there was NO going door-to-door to seek out a bag full of candy!

This is how our Halloween evening usually went...

Get dressed in our costumes right after supper.

Pose for photos.

Get into the car and drive to our neighbor's house down the road.

Get out, head to their door, say "trick-or-treat" and get some candy, then sit down while my mom visited for 5-10 minutes.

Get back in the car, drive to the next house and repeat. 

Do this about 5 times and then go home.

Yes, you heard me... 6-7 houses in an hour doesn't equal that much candy, but we never had to worry if the homemade popcorn ball was safe to eat!

The fun thing about Trick-or-Treating Country Style is that history is repeating itself with my nephews and nieces now piling into the car to seek out their share of Halloween candy...

 (My nephews)

By the way...the Scooby Doo costume above has been worn by all three boys. Their grandma is extremely proud! 

Do you and your family have any special Halloween customs?


Nathan Miller said... childhood Halloween memoires to a T !! We lived in the middle of the cornfields of Indiana, and yes, I remember some years we even went trick or treating the the weekend BEFORE Halloween AND on Halloween weekend to get to all the house since it took so long "country door" to county door. And addition to visiting I do remember the parents would come in after the house guessed who we were and perhaps consumed an adult halloween cocktail or two!

This Farm Family's Life said...

That is exactly how it was for me growing up as well! Now, the girls are getting to experience it that way. It sure does wear a momma out though!