Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Night at the Ball Park

Hello there!

I am so excited to tell you all about a fun upcoming event sponsored by Indiana Family of Farmers (IFOF).

They are sponsoring an upcoming Indians Game at Victory Field in Indianapolis on July 19th and they have decided to turn it into a festive night for some lucky Hoosier families--filled with family, food and fun!

And while this is all exciting enough, I am delighted to announce that they will be working with Indiana bloggers to pick those lucky families by giving away tickets to the event on their blogs!

I just heart bloggers and especially Indiana blogs! It is going to be so much fun visiting all their great sites and sharing them with you for your family's chance to win!

Winners will receive up to 8 tickets to the event for their family and friends to join IFOF at the July 19th Indians Game at 7 PM. Winners will also get a wristband to join IFOF in the picnic area for a special picnic at the park that will include a choice of hot dog, hamburger or pulled chicken BBQ-- Yum! Baked beans, pasta salad, fruit salad, cookies and drinks will also be served!

Psst... I am pretty sure some of my Real Farmwives of America and Friends pals will be there too!

Over the next couple weeks we will make sure to let you know which Indiana bloggers are giving away tickets, where to find them and when to enter via IFOF's Facebook posts and Twitter feed-- so follow them so you don't miss your opportunities to win!

Oh and if you are an Indiana blogger that is interested in hosting a giveaway, contact me for details!

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