Friday, November 7, 2014

We Are Indiana Agriculture: The Fruetches

By Sarah Mahan of This Farm Family's Life

Craig and Mindy Fruechte are sixth generation farmers in Adams County.  They have two children and both have jobs outside of the farming operation.  Craig has a degree in agribusiness and works for AgriStats in Fort Wayne, while Mindy has a nursing degree and is a case manager at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne.  Their 1800-acre farm produces corn, soybeans and alfalfa.  They share ownership of much of the equipment with Craig’s father and they exchange labor with him during busy times on the farm.

The Fruechtes are very active in their community, volunteering for Farm Bureau, their county fair, their county pork producer organization, Extension and their church.  Craig and Mindy are no longer in the hog business, but they wanted to give their children the opportunity to care for livestock, so they raise livestock for freezer meat and showing.  While the Fruechtes are busy with their farm and off-farm jobs and raising a family, they still manage to find time to educate their children, coworkers and the community about agriculture.

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