Wednesday, April 2, 2014

10 Recipes to Celebrate National Pecan Month

By Sarah Correll

PEE-can or pee-KAHN? No matter how you say it, it’s National Pecan Month! The ladies of the Real Farmwives of America and Friends have shared some fabulous pecan recipes.

1. Liz of Two Maids a Milking’s Peach Pecan Upside-Down Pancake

2. Crispy Pecan Chicken Casserole from Leah at Beyer Beware

3. Not Your Grandma’s Fruitcake from Mary Beth of Alarm Clock Wars

4. Heather of 3 Kids and Lots of Pigs’ Pecan Coffee Cake

5. Caramel Pecan Pie from Cris of Goodeness Gracious

6. Amy of Two Maids a Milking’s Cheddar Apple Pie Dip

7. Meg of Gal in the Middle’s Grandma’s Butterscotch Rolls

9. Bourbon Balls from Amy of A Latte with Ott, A

Interesting in growing your own pecans? Learn how here

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