Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dairy Healthy Diet

By Sarah Correll

We all know that dairy products are a part of a healthy, balanced diet. What makes them so great?


Dairy products provide protein to help build and repair muscle. Chocolate milk provides the perfect combination of carbs and protein for athletes.

Vitamin D

The vitamin D in milk helps us absorb calcium and strengthen bones. Vitamin D is included in all types of milk, not just whole.


Potassium helps us maintain normal blood pressure. Consuming dairy products is associated with a lower risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


Milk and milk products come in a variety of fat options. Whole milk is 3.25% fat (96.75% fat free), 2% milk is 2% fat (98% fat free), 1% milk is 1% fat (99% fat free), and skim milk is 100% fat free.


Phosphorus helps our bodies generate energy.

Vitamin A

Dairy products are a good source of vitamin A, the vitamin that helps maintain normal vision and skin.


Important for strong bones and teeth, calcium is a major nutrient found in dairy.

Be sure to include three or more dairy products (such as these Cheesy Chicken Chalupas from Two Maids a Milking) in your diet every day, and learn more about dairy nutrition and the farmers who care for the cows here!

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