Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Clear Look at the Indiana Farming Experience

By Sarah Correll

Indiana soybean farmers are sharing about their lifestyle and livelihoods in an all-new exhibit building- the Glass Barn!

Open from 9-9 each day of the fair, the innovative building on the fairgrounds’ north side offers air conditioning and 4,500 square feet of fun interactive exhibits that are sure to make it one of the coolest places on the grounds! So what’s inside?

weGROW – Have your questions answered with live chats to Indiana dairy, pork, and soybean farms.

uFARM - Grow your own crops and compete with others in this interactive game.

pictureU – Share your experience with e-cards of you and your friends and family in fun farm places!

uEAT - Connect the food you eat to the farmers who grow it through this game.

 Did you know fabric can be made out of soy? Check out some of the other uses for the bean and meet some of the people who grow them at the Indiana Soybean Alliance booth!

The soybean farmers have planned a ton of fun for this exhibit, and you won’t want to miss it!  Find out more here

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