Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Cheesy Champ: Grilled Cheese Month

By Sarah Correll 

It can be simple or quite complicated.  It has been served with tomato soup and with ketchup (or maybe that’s just me), with one slice and with 17.  It goes by at least two different names and is one of the most popular foods at the Indiana State Fair (only 121 more days!) every year.  What is it?  The grilled cheese.

  From the Grilled Cheese Academy’s creative takes 

To the classic school lunch favorite

To Indianapolis’s own Scratch TruckGrilled Cheese (complete with two kinds of cheese and red wine braised short rib), it’s no secret that the sandwich is popular.

But did you know that a classic grilled cheese (two slices of bread with one slice of cheddar cheese) has less than 300 calories and is a great source of protein?  If any sandwich deserves a full month of celebration, it’s definitely the grilled cheese.  Try something new or celebrate with a classic, and be sure to let us know which grilled cheese is the best!

Back to the at least two names thing…  I’m curious, has anyone who isn’t from Allen or Adams Counties in Indiana heard of a grilled cheese being called a cheese toasty before?

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Mom2fur said...

Is there any lunch more perfect than grilled cheese and tomato soup?

Hey, you want to try something amazing? Seriously, I didn't believe it would taste good, but next time you have grilled cheese put a little jam or jelly on it. (I tried it on 1/4 first). I don't know why, but it is delicious!