Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Celebrating Agriculture with Indiana Bloggers

Today is National Ag Day, a day for farmers and everyone who eats to celebrate all that agriculture gives us.  Governor Pence declared the entire month of March as Indiana’s Agriculture Appreciation Month, and we celebrated on March 5th by inviting our friends to join us at the State House.

Here’s what some of our blogger friends had to say about their day with cupcakes, the governor, great food truck food, and lots of agriculture at the State House.

Jen at 4tunate talks about getting eating by an orchid and farmers as local heroes.

Ann-Marie at Chaos is Bliss shares her thoughts on how food gets from tractor to truck to table.

Katy at Indy with Kids chats about her parents’ ties to agriculture and how she is teaching her kids about where their food comes from.

Crystal at Mom for Less sampled delicious food and met with people ranging from sixth generation farmers to Governor Pence during her day at the State House.

Cherie of Queen of Free grew up in a farming community and reflects on a fun day at the State House here.

Jacqueline shares her appreciation for Indiana farmers and highlight of that day at Writ Rams.

We’re so glad we could spend the day with these lovely ladies at the State House- connecting Indiana bloggers and their readers to agriculture!  

Also in attendance that day were our friends from The Real Farmwives of America and Friends were also there to celebrate with us! 

Join these ladies on their facebook page as a great way to connect to agriculture everyday!

How are you celebrating agriculture this month?

Thanks to Heather at Basilmomma for helping us celebrate although she could not be there.

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