Friday, December 16, 2011

Holidays on the Farm

By Kimmi Devaney of Winners Drink Milk

This is a special time of year for many people, including farm families. Many farms operate 24/7/365, so families can’t just take a week off. Coming together as a family is a central part of what the holiday season is all about. For dairy families, many of these memories and traditions involve the cows.

Christmas morning on many dairies includes milking cows and completing chores around the farm before opening presents. Keeping cows comfortable and providing the best care possible is a top priority on dairies across the nation. After all, it’s the ladies—I mean the cows—who work hard every day to produce wholesome, nutritious milk.

We asked two of our Indiana dairy families about some of their holiday traditions and memories, and here’s what they said…

“Our holiday tradition centers around the barn. After a year, we gave up on the idea of unwrapping presents on Christmas morning! On Christmas Eve, several of our family members come to the farm early to help with chores. There is something special about being in the barn that night—near a manger. A few years ago, one of our favorite cows gave birth to twins! We were up really late that night unwrapping presents since everyone wanted to stay in the barn with the cow and calves.”

Duane & Joyce Hill
Mayhill Holsteins
Fountain City, Indiana

“Family fun on the farm during Christmas is the best! We have big Christmas dinners for our workers who never stop, decorate all the trees near the farm and always have to unthaw equipment on Christmas Eve since it always really cold…all while bonding with family!”

Elles Niessen
Milco Dairy
Lewisville, Indiana

Don’t forget to add nutritious dairy products to your holiday family festivities! From our families to yours, have a great holiday season!

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