Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Literacy Month: Barnyard Chronicles Blog Feature

Hello Farming Fans,
It’s me, Albert, reporting from inside the barn.  If you haven’t had a chance to meet me already, well then let me explain. I am a pig and I am part of the Barnyard Chronicles crew.

Check out to see me in action. My other pals, Lucy and Clarabelle will echo me in saying we love life inside the barn, so that our farmers can take care of us. 

This is to make sure we don’t get caught by predators and to ensure we are fed properly and have the ability grow safely in our comfortable, temperate buildings.  All of us love playing games inside the barn, and we actually want to share them with you.  You can find interactive online games under the “For Kids” section of .  Help Lucy catch the eggs, or help match us up. I’m telling you – these games are PORKTASTIC!

Don’t worry teachers or moms. We didn’t forget about you.  On the “For Teachers” and “For Grownups” sections, you can find ag facts, recipes, and curriculum for your kids.  All of the lesson plans meet education standards and are very interactive. 

Did you know:

·         98% of farms in Indiana are family owned?

·         All milk – both regular and organic – is tested for antibiotics. Any tanker that tests positive is disposed of immediately.

Find out more facts on 

There are also books geared for 4th graders available for your students. Email Hannah at to order these interactive books. You can view them online at

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