Monday, August 15, 2011

Heavy Hearts

Like so many of you, we were saddened to learn about the tragedy the other night at the Sugarland concert. Our hearts go out to those lives lost, their families and others involved. It is with heavy hearts that we returned to our Great Indiana State Fair today.

As many of you know, we had scheduled to give away the remainder of our State Fair tickets today. However, given the recent events, we have decided to forgo our traditional giveaways and just offer the remainder of the tickets on a first come, first serve basis to those that fill out this form. We have four sets of four tickets left. We will update this post when the tickets are gone.

Please note: All the tickets are gone. Thank you.


Denise said...

My brother was there, but he decided to leave because of the storm. He was already under the Grandstands on his way out to the Goat Barn when he heard the announcer. So, he was not there when the stage collapsed. Praise the Lord! Their seats were in Row 11 on the track.

Such a tragedy! Can't believe it...
We have been praying for everyone involved. Can't even imagine what some of them are going through right now...


Anonymous said...

Such a horrible event! So sorry about this!


Anonymous said...

I filled out the form a while ago. Just wondering if you will be emailing the people who are getting the tickets? Figuring out our Fair schedule and wondering if we are getting a set of tickets. :)
Thanks! Have enjoyed the opportunity to get tickets this last week!

Curt and Julie