Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Amazing Mom Betty Mehringer

Guest Post By Julie Mehringer

One of the most kind, caring and selfless people I’ve ever met is not only my friend but also my mom, Betty Mehringer.  You could almost say her life revolves around food, whether it is tending to the family garden, helping with harvest on the farm or serving meals at funerals.

Farming is in her blood. My grandparents were farmers, and she married my dad whose family owned the farm across the field. Together they’ve grown the farms into a thriving family business. My mom cares for the pigs and cows. Her day-to-day includes cooking meals for the farm-hands, getting parts for machinery, balancing the finances, and whatever else is asked. 

On Saturdays, when she is not helping on the farm, you can find her at the Community Food Bank handing out groceries to low income families. Not only does she cook for the farm, she also cooks bereavement meals for funerals at her church.

Most importantly, my mom has shaped her three children into who we are today. Losing her mom at a young age inspired her to spend as much time with us as she could. We rarely had baby-sitters and always went with her to feed the animals as kids. We are all grown now, but carry her spirit of volunteerism and hard work with us. All three of us donate our time to non-profits: Jill volunteers at the Community Food Bank, Aaron is a volunteer firefighter, and I volunteer with Habitat for Humanity.  Both carrying on the family tradition of farming, Jill helps on her husband’s turkey farm and Aaron is a full-time employee at Mill Creek Farms.

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