Friday, April 15, 2011

Envelope Easter Bunny

Hello everyone!  This is Sarah at This Farm Family’s Life.  I was asked to share a kids’ Easter craft with you.  Today we will be making envelope Easter bunnies.

You will need:

1 white envelope
Pink and white construction paper
2 wiggle eyes
Pink pom-pom
Cotton ball
Grey and pink markers

1. Seal the envelope.
2. Cut two large ovals from the white construction paper.(ears)
3. Cut two smaller ovals from the pink construction paper.(ears)
4. Cut two small ovals from the white construction paper. (paws)

To make the ears, glue the pink oval inside the white oval.  Glue them both to the back of the envelope.

Glue the wiggly eyes to the front of the envelope. (If you don’t have wiggly eyes, you can use black and white construction paper.)

Glue the paws at the bottom of the envelope so they hang over about halfway.

Glue the pom-pom nose to the front. (If you don’t have a pink pom-pom, you can color it with a pink marker.)

Glue the cotton ball tail to the back.

Using the pink marker, draw the nose.

Using the grey marker, draw the whiskers and the pads on the paw.

Have fun being crafty!


Liz @ Two Maids a Milking said...

So cute!! What a great idea!

Lana said...

HOW CUTE! But after tackling a dino diorama and a 1st Communion banner this morning, I am all crafted out for today. I will keep this for another day!