Monday, March 21, 2011

Media Cow Milking Champion Crowned!

For Immediate Release

INDIANAPOLIS (March 21, 2011) —As the final celebration of Agriculture Appreciation Month, today Tracy Forner of  WISH-TV’s Indy Style’s demonstrated his “dairy domination” to become Indiana’s Family of Farmers Media Cow Milking Champion!

Action shot of Media Cow Milking Champion, Tracy Forner.

The Milking Madness took place on the Government South lawn with each contestant given just 60 seconds to show their “udder” skill. Forner squeezed out the competition and confirmed his slot in the coveted Indiana State Fair Cow Milking Competition this summer for the Year of the Soybean.

 “As a professional dairyman I’ve seen a lot of milkers in my day, but Tracy is one of the best.  Good hands, good technique – all around a great champion,” said Indiana Agriculture Director, Joe Kelsay.

Dave Smiley of WZPL’s Smiley Morning Show, 2011 State Fair Queen Sarah Alford, Media Cow Milking Champion, Tracy Forner of WISH-TV’s Indy Style, Kjerstin Ramsing from FOX59’S Morning Show, John Stehr of WTHR-TV, Andi Hauser from WISH-TV’s Indy Style and Indiana Agriculture Director, Joe Kelsay.

Final amounts:
(100 ml)  Tracy Forner from WISH-TV’s Indy Style
(70 ml)  Andi Hauser from WISH-TV’s Indy Style
(Trace)  John Stehr of WTHR
(Trace)  Kjerstin Ramsing from FOX59’S Morning Show            
(Trace)  Dave Smiley of the Smiley Morning Show on WZPL-FM

Indiana’s Family of Farmers would like to thank all of the media contestants for participating, the Statehouse Events and Tours Department for their support, Indiana Pork and Milk Promotion Services of Indiana for providing a taste of the State fair with free pork burgers and milk for spectators, and Steve Hendress, animal science instructor and assistant manager of the dairy research farm at Purdue University who was kind enough to drive today’s cow Sheila and Patty the 4-day old calf all the way from Lafayette for the occasion.

We are also grateful to Dave Russell of Brownfield radio who served as master of ceremonies, Indiana Agriculture Director Joe Kelsay for his “color commentary,” 2011 State Fair Queen Sarah Lynn Alford for her punctual timekeeping and IFOF representative Andy Dietrick of Indiana Farm Bureau who served as judge.

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tracy said...

i like how the amounts of the 3 runners up look like a chantt to the winner...Trace, Trace, Trace!!